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Welcome to the NASSM Blog site hosted by the NASSM Marketing and Communications Committee!

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Newest Blog Posts:

Sept 30: The Experience of a Sport Management Instructor-Practitioner

Sept 3: Observations from the FIFA WWC Part 2: Interview with Interim Sky Blue FC GM

Aug 26: Observations from the FIFA Women’s World Cup – Part 1 by Dr. Natalie L. Smith

Aug 12: Writing Case Studies to Engage with Industry (And Become a Better Writer) by Aaron Mansfield

May 20: New to NASSM Conference: Guide to Maximizing Your Time, by Dr. Natalie L. Smith and Kerri Bodin

Apr 23: How Do We Help Our Students Arrive, If We Don’t Know Where They Started?, from the April 2018 edition of Sport Management Education Journal, by Dr. Chris Barnhill, Dr. Drew Czekanski, and Dr. Adam Pfleegor

Apr 1st: Capacity Building: A comparison of two cases, from the July 2018 edition of Journal of Sport Management, by Dr. Patti Millar & Dr. Alison Doherty

Mar 18th: Sport Ecology: All it is, and all it could be, a blog post by Madeleine Orr & Walker Ross

Feb 11th: Diversifying the Face of the U.S. Sport Industry – A Call to Educators, from the October 2017 edition of Sport Management Education Journal by Dr. Jörg Vianden & Dr. Elizabeth A. Gregg

More Information:

The purpose of NASSM is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management. 

The purpose of the NASSM Blog is to connect academics and practitioners with the latest research, programming, and innovations in the sport industry. The blog serves as a means to interact with members more informally about current issues or the latest research, and with time, to offer academics and practitioners a platform to share industry-relevant information.

How do I contribute? 

The blog aims to feature guest contributors from both academia (both professionals and students!) and industry discussing the latest research, education, innovations, trends and/or challenges in the sport industry. If you have a topic idea or would like to contribute, please contact Jillian McNiff with a brief paragraph highlighting your blog post idea. Jillian will share this idea with the committee and will notify you if your idea has been chosen for the blog.

What is the format? 

Once your topic proposal has been reviewed by the Marketing and Communications Committee, please submit a blog post up to 500-700 words maximum and 1-2 photos within 2 weeks of acceptance. Your tone should be free from technical, academic jargon and relevant to both academia and practitioners, alike. Think of these posts as an informal communication tool meant for knowledge exchange, inspiration, and an opportunity to connect all facets of the sport industry. Finally, please hyperlink your name to your school website or social media outlets, as well as any resources, citations, and/or additional information. 

Please note that the Marketing and Communications Committee reserves the right to edit blog submissions before posting.

What topics should I propose? 

We are open to any and all topics – controversial, provocative, timely, tried and true. Think of this blog as an informal platform to share ideas or the latest research, engage in healthy debate, or to inspire others with classroom ideas, research projects, and/or industry partnerships.