Student Board Update 3/2016

Update from the Student Board

The 2016 NASSM Conference is just around the corner and the Student Board is very excited for this year’s student initiatives! A few changes this year, so keep your eyes open for upcoming emails about the Student Elections, Faculty-Student Mentor Program, as well as social media for additional details about the Student Social Night and Student Symposium.

Important changes:

The Faculty-Student Mentor Program will move to a more flexible schedule to provide more time for students and mentors to engage in conversations. Students and faculty interested in participating in this initiative should contact Kyle Rich. Look for additional emails describing this change in the coming months.

The student representatives position elections will move online this year!

Additional Notes:

The Student Luncheon will take place at the hotel and students will be provided with free lunch. Come hear who will be your 2016-2017 student representatives and NASSM student benefits. Also, enjoy a free lunch and structured opportunities to grow your peer network.

The Student Social Night will be held at the Exile Restaurant & Lounge right across the street from the Florida Hotel from 8pm – 10 pm on Friday, June 3rd. Come meet your peers in a casual setting, perfect for a deep conservation about theory, sharing tips on the hiring process, or friendly school rivalry banter. For those interested, karaoke starts at 9pm! Watch for updates concerning food and drink specials on social media, particularly Facebook (NASSMstudents).

The Student Symposium will be “Moving from research idea to research agenda: How to develop your research road map as a graduate student.” A group of accomplished researchers will participate in the panel discussion to provide insight for students at the beginning of this exciting but difficult topic for graduate students.

Always feel free to reach out concerning these initiatives and other issues! There are a number of changes happening this year, and we are excited to continue developing student programs. See you in Orlando.

Student Board:

Natalie Smith 

Allison Musser 

Kyle Rich 

Kylie Wasser 

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