Meeting NASSM Series: President-Elect Role

In the Spring of 2020, the NASSM Blog will be highlighting different individuals with NASSM leadership roles. We hope you enjoy getting to know them and learning more about NASSM. This week, we asked Dr. Damon Andrew, the President-Elect of NASSM to answer some questions about his role: (Note: These interviews were conducted in early February.)

Current faculty position: Dean and Professor, College of Education, Florida State University

How long have you been at this institution? I was a doctoral student at FSU from 2002-04 and returned in my current role in 2018

Where are you from? Pensacola, Florida

What are your primary responsibilities in your role with NASSM? I perform all of the President-Elect duties and also serve as a member of the NASSM ad hoc Governance Working Group

What made you want to get involved with NASSM? I feel NASSM is at a crucial stage of its development as an organization.  NASSM’s stated purpose is “to promote, stimulate, and encourage study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management (broadly interpreted).”  Further, “NASSM recognizes an essential common body of knledge in sport management that is cross-disciplinary and relates to management, leadership, and organization in sport; behavioral dimensions in sport; ethics in sport management; sport marketing; communication in sport; sport finance; sport economics; sport business in the social context; legal aspects of sport; sport governance; and sport management professional preparation” (  Though penned decades ago, these statements illustrate the foresight of early NASSM leaders who knew that inclusive excellence would need to be a cornerstone of NASSM as the organization evolved over time.  The proliferation of organizations focused on various sub-disciplines of sport management is a natural outcome of increasing interest in the discipline, but NASSM needs to continue to be the organization where leaders in all of these sub-disciplines converge to chart the future of the discipline of sport management.

How do you hope to contribute to NASSM through serving? NASSM was founded to be the premier umbrella organization in the field, and I intend to devote my efforts on the Executive Council to ensuring that all members of NASSM, regardless of their sub-discipline specialization, feel welcomed, respected, and valued.

What do you think are the biggest challenges NASSM faces? While membership data indicates interest in the organization, including its journals and annual conference, has never been stronger, the organization essentially has retained the same management-focused board structure since its founding in 1985.  The shift to a new governance-focused structure for the Executive Council will be complex, but it is very much needed if the organization desires to continue its growth while serving as the premier umbrella organization for the field that it was founded to be.

Dream NASSM destination: Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, Florida 😉

Author: NASSM Blog

The purpose of NASSM is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management. The NASSM Blog is meant to connect practitioners and academics to the latest research, programs, and innovations in the sport industry.

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