For Debate

As part of a new initiative of the NASSM Marketing and Communications Committee, we will be featuring a ‘debate blog’, where two or three authors debate an issue in sport. Our first two submissions opened up great discussions about eSport and industry-academia communication.  If you have an interesting topic for debate – we’d like to hear from you!  Please contact Liz Delia with a pitch for our next debate blog!

Please enjoy the following posts from our NASSM Blog Contributors.


Debate: Are eSports sport?

by Dr. Manning, Santa Ana College, Dr. Keiper, Northwood University, and Dr. Jenny, Winthrop University

A Call for Unity: Sport Educators and the Sport Industry

by Mr. Manteau, NBA Milwaukee Bucks and Dr. Mills, University of Florida

Internships: Framing the Conversation

by Dr. Michael Odio, University of CCincinnati