Please enjoy the following posts from our NASSM Blog contributors. These posts share the latest research or outcomes of research with industry partners.

Capacity Building: A comparison of two cases

By Dr. Patti Millar (University of Windsor) & Dr. Alison Doherty (Western University)

Applying Career Construction Theory to Female National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Conference Commissioners

By Dr. Elizabeth A. Taylor (Temple University), Dr. Jessica L. Siegele (UNC-Pembroke), Dr. Allison B. Smith (University of New Mexico), and Dr. Rob Hardin (University of Tennessee)

Feeling That In-Group Feeling at a Sponsored Sporting Event: Links to Memory and Future Attendance

By Dr. T. Bettina Cornwell (University of Oregon), Dr. Steffen Jahn (University of Goettingen), Dr. Hu Xie (Western Michigan University), and Wang Suk Suh (University of Oregon).

Explaining Sponsorships Using Analogy

By Dr. Jesse King (Weber State University) & Dr. Robert Madrigal (Chico State University)

Sport, Twitter Hashtags, and the Public Sphere: Curt Schilling Case Study

By Dr. Brendan O’Hallarn, Old Dominion University

Challenge accepted: Why women play fantasy football

by Dr. Brendan Dwyer (Virginia Commonwealth University), Dr. Joshua M. Lupinek (University of Alaska-Fairbanks), & Dr. Rebecca Achen (Illinois State University)

Successful Golf Management Programs – what makes them so?

by Dr. Matt Walker, Texas A&M University

Social Media and the Olympic Games: Lessons Learned in London; Looking Ahead to Rio

by Dr. Andrea Geurin, New York University


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