Sport Issues

Welcome to the Sport Issues page of the Blog! Here you will find posts related to the social issues we experience in sport. These posts are meant to engage our community in a discussion about the difficult social injustices that occur in sport. We welcome topics such as social injustice, diversity issues, disability, gender, cultural, or any other issues we face in today’s sport society. If you are interested in submitting a blog about a sport issue, please contact Jillian McNiff.

Please enjoy the following blogs from our NASSM Blog contributors.

Sport Ecology: all it is, and all it could be

by Madeleine Orr & Walker Ross

We look too close, then we overlook

by Laura Coughlin, Development Aid Intern, Sports Charity Mwanza

Knowledge is Power: How Can We Contribute to Social Justice in Divisive Times?

by Christine Wegner, University of Florida & John Singer, Texas A&M University

Beyond Rio: Accessibility, Elitism and Sport Development

by Laura Misener, Western University

Narratives of Paralympic Sport: Perspectives from Rio & Beyond

by Joshua Pate, James Madison University

Why College Sport is Doomed to Fail

by Richard Southall and Mark Nagel, University of South Carolina

Are Sport Parking Lots Safe?

by Gil Fried, University of New Haven